About Dr. Anthony Revis

Dr. Anthony Revis holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Iowa State University. He also holds several post graduate training certificates in business and behavioral science. He is a recognized community and business leader. He is a certified trainer of IIRP Restorative Justice non-punitive conflict resolution methods. He works globally as a scientific consultant and is an expert in Silicone technology. He holds 45 US Patents. Dr. Anthony Revis is a prolific writer with several scientific journal articles, white papers, and educational publications. 

Educational and Behavioral

Dr. Revis is well educated in evidence based behavioral science, especially for underrepresented ethnic groups.  He has over 10-years of experience with Michigan grant programs for K-12 schools. Dr. Revis also travels as a motivational trainer and team builder.

Science and Math

Dr. Revis is a retired Dow scientist with an independent global consulting practice. He currently teaches  at Saginaw Valley State University and is a guest lecturer of Polymer chemistry at Alma College. He tutors college and AP math and chemistry using his published general chemistry notes.